Follow along from “In the Beginning…”: Direct Link to the Weekly Parasha

Simchat Torah is one of Sefaria’s favorite holidays. Restarting the Torah from In The Beginning is exciting and overwhelming.

With Sefaria, you have the opportunity to start this cycle anew, reading the texts first-hand, discovering new connections and germinating fresh ideas.

By following along with the weekly parasha in the Sefaria calendar, you become a part of a thousands-year-old textual tradition that will continue on a thousand years from today. You are a part of the writing of this story and telling of this story.

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Sefaria in The Washington Post

The Washington Post ran a feature story about Sefaria just before Yom Kippur — The quest to put the Talmud online

Here’s our favorite excerpt:

Reflecting on bringing the Talmud and other Jewish texts online, [Joshua] Foer believes that he and his team have brought Jewish texts into the digital age, an advance akin to the writing down of the oral tradition after the fall of the Second Temple in 70 CE and the advent of the printing press.

Moreover, Foer said, he and his team have ultimately returned Jewish learning back to its roots as a “giant, unending conversation that spans millennia, continents, and is very much still going on to this day.”

Read the whole article, flag it for conversation in your sukkah and consider forwarding this email to friends or sharing the piece on social media.

We’re so proud of what we’ve built here at Sefaria and are thrilled that a publication like The Post has taken note and shared our story with their readers.